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Keyring — Lipstick/Chapstick Holder

Keyring — Lipstick/Chapstick Holder

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Want your favourite lipstick on hand when you’re out and about, without accidentally forgetting it, or having to dig around in the trenches of your bag to find it?

With our new keyring lipstick holders you’ll never have to go digging and searching through your bag for your favourite lipstick, lip gloss or chapstick again! 

Made with a high quality and light weight neoprene, a slight stretch in the material allows it to hold many different shaped and sized lip care products. Our lipstick holders come a range of patterns + designs, are practical and make great gifts for your loved ones. 

Attach these to your keys or wallet, your bag, a pencil case, a travel bag, or even to your belt loop on jeans.

Which is your favourite design?
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Material: Neoprene 

Size: 10cm (L) x 5.5cm (W)

Weight: 11 grams 

Package includes: 1x Keyring Lipstick Holder 

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