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Keyring — No Touch Door Opener + Tool

Keyring — No Touch Door Opener + Tool

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These are a cute and functional stylus that can be used for a variety of uses in your daily life. They are fun, light weight, and easy to carry. With a keyring attachment, they can go wherever you go - which is perfect if you are want to use it for using lift buttons.

These stylus can be used for any touch screen needs giving you a stylish stylus pens that takes pressure and weight off your hands, fingers, and joints. With the keyring attachment, you can attach it to a lanyard — either a recoiled stretch or necklace based one. 

The stylus head is made of a soft silicone, perfect for all of your touch screen needs, without any damage.

Use this stylus for:  


1. Touch Screen:  Use this button as a stylus and an accessible screen touch pad so that you don’t have to have or put strain on or through your fingers with the standard pen stylus. 

2. Lift Buttons: Stay safe, and protect yourself from germs and covid with this lift and button pusher pen and keyring. Make pushing lift buttons safer knowing you’re not touching the lift button, and protecting yourself for your health.   


Material: Zinc Alloy 

Size: 8cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 0.4cm (D) 

Weight: 19 grams 

Package includes: Stylus + ‘No Touch’ Keyring Pen

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