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Keyring — Phone Number

Keyring — Phone Number

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These keyrings have been highly sought after! Finally a way for you to keep your number on you easily at all times. Whether it is for your own phone number, or to have your phone number on a loved ones keys so that they can contact you, or be contacted by someone that is with them, these keyring’s have had a lot of great feedback from people that have used them.  You can also use them on a wallet, a bag, a belt loop on a set of pants, or a zipper of a chosen item as well!

Some of the things the keyrings have been used for:

1. If you lose your keys, it’s a quick and easy way for someone finding them to get hold of you, giving you peace of mind! *May also be used for your purse, wallet or backpack. 

2. Not everyone knows or can easily remember their own phone number, and these keyrings are a great solution that. Easily and discreetly keep your phone number on you so that when someone asks you, ‘what’s your phone number’, by having it on your keys, wallet or bag, you can find and share it quickly with no need for getting flustered or upset. 

3. As peace of mind that your loved one has a phone number on them. When someone gets easily flustered or confused, or dementia is just setting in, knowing that your loved one has your number on them means that someone will be able to get in touch with you. 

4. They do not just have to be used for a set of keys — put them on a backpack, a wallet, a belt loop or a zipper attached to any chosen item. You can have an easily contactable number for you to use, or someone else that then allows you to be easily contacted.



Material: ABS high quality plastic 

Size: 7.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) 

Weight:  7 grams (4 grams once it’s made up)  

Package includes: 1x Keyring that includes: 1x Front and Back plate, 1x Metal keyring + 1x Number pad (please see photos for further reference). 


How to use:  To use this product with the rubber number pad, pop out each number you need that will correspond to the number you want to use in your keyring. Find the front and back plate. The front pad (with the holes in it) is what you need first. Place each rubber number into the corresponding hole, with each number facing upside down to you so that the number showing inside each hole on the other side. Start placing the numbers into the keyring starting  from the end that has the keyring loop. Work your way across the keyring and place the next corresponding number into each hole slot until all the numbers are in each space. Using the backplate, lay it over the top of the numbers and then click it into place. Attach the keyring to the keyring loop and you are good to go! 

For more specific instructions please see our step by step photos, and the video showing you how to do it. 


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