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Kids Overnight Absorbency Wrap

Kids Overnight Absorbency Wrap

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An incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and use overnight absorbency wrap that will keep and contain any leakage from the bladder, bowel or medical aids.

Use it regularly at home each night, or as an extra for when you are travelling and away from home, with the knowledge that if you do have any issues overnight that you are sorted. This is especially helpful for people who are staying over at someone else’s home, or paid accomodation. Have security and peace of mind that any issues will be caught and contained. You can then just change out of it, pop it aside to be washed, slip a clean one on, and then hop back into bed without big sheet changes. Use an additional absorbency pad under you but on top of the bottom sheet for extra reassurance and peace of mind or to help make sure there is no leaks while changing too. 

Key Benefits: 

➡️  Incontinence: Great for anyone with incontinence (urinary or bowel) who may want some extra security additional to any nappies or other continence aids. 

➡️ Toilet Training: Great for help during toilet training, either in addition to a nappy, or as you start to trial your child without going to sleep with a nappy.  

➡️ Ostomies: Those with ostomies who may experience or are nervous about any risks of leaks overnight and want to know any leaks are contained. 

➡️ Feeding Tubes: Great back up for those with a feeding tubes that can sometimes leak, or when disconnections happen and you end up “feeding the bed”. Keep the connections inside of the wrap and know that if it does disconnect it’s an easier clean up. 

➡️ Bowel Disease or Fistulas: Great for those with bowel disease, fistulas and have had recent surgeries. 

Image Description: A full wrap skirt with an towelling layer and a water resistant layer, with fun patterns of dinosaur and mountains and some fun designs. There is a snap you can use on the bottom hem to help stop the skirt / wrap from riding up during their sleep too. 


Material: TPU Waterproof, Bamboo Terry Cloth, Cotton

Size: Please see as below…. 

Medium: 42cm (L) x 17cm (W) / Age: 0 - 4 years.

Large: 52cm (L) x 18cm (W) / Age: 4 - 12 years.

Weight: 200 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Continence Skirt Wrap 

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