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Kitchen Slicing Aid

Kitchen Slicing Aid

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If you struggle to hold and cut something, or need a helping hand or extra protection to use the knife, this is a great solution we have found to aid in meal prep!

To use, simply grasp the item inside the tongs until it is enclosed and stabilised inside the tongs. Keep one hand on the end of the tongs holding the item stable and with the other hand, use a knife to cut down between every section of the spaces available to cut down between. Slice right down until you hit the plastic to know that you have sliced down as far as you can. Once you have sliced the whole item, you can turn the item inside the tongs by 90 degrees and then slice using the same process again to cut the item Into smaller slices / as a diced product. 

These can also be used as a serving aid for salads, to pick up boiled eggs, potatoes or other vegetables from the pot, as well as things like boiled dumplings, etc. You can also use it to help slice hot items as well.

Reusable, eco-friendly, dish washer safe.  


Material: ABS quality Plastic 

Size: 18cm (L) x 8cm (H) x 9.8cm (W)  

Weight:  38 grams 

Package includes: 1x slicing aid tongs


How to use: See above for instructions. 

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