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Leak Proof Drinking Cup (drink laying down!)

Leak Proof Drinking Cup (drink laying down!)

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Gain independence for you or your loved one with this  360° leak proof cup with its lid. You can tip the cup upside down, and even throw it across a room, it won’t leak, drop or spill. But bring that cups rim to the edge of your mouth, and like magic, it will allow you to drink water from it and in any direction that you chose to access and drink from it, it will work and release the water. When you are finished drinking, simply remove the cup from your lips and like magic, it will seal again and keep any water inside the cup safely. 

The cup is made with a soft material and silicone which makes it gentle and pleasant to drink from. It is a robust and hardy cup with a 220ml overall capacity. When you have finished using it for the day, it’s easy to wash and clean ready for next time. The lid and the the cup can be separated, and is dishwasher safe. 

It works as a great cup to use for kids in their bedroom or being able to access a drink while in bed. 

But how does this cup work…? 

Magic! Seriously! Magic! Magic, because it allows more independence and empowerment for young people that still need access and support for self drinking, or have been using a sippy cup. This cup is also a great step between a sippy and regular cup.

It has been scientifically designed to create the best possible solution for a leak proof easy to use cup. It works via an automatic valve. When you press your lips down on the cup to have a drink, you trigger the valve to open automatically, but when that pressure is released (when you take your lips off the cup), then the valve immediately and automatically springs back into place, and seals the contents of the cup inside it. 

Its a great cup and we have had incredible feedback so we are so proud to now be able to stock these! 


Material: PP Plastic + Silicone 

Size: 7.5cm (L) x 7cm (diameter) 

Capacity: 240ml 

Weight: 104 grams 

Package includes: 1x anti spill cup 

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