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Long Handled Toenail Scissors

Long Handled Toenail Scissors

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Long reach toenail scissors by request are now here! Get a pair of our stainless steel long handle scissors to help with your foot care and keeping toenails short. 

The long handles enable you to reach often difficult to reach or manurer angles and to get a closer safer cut without having to bend over or reach as far as you would otherwise have to with using a pair of standard toenail cutting scissors. Comfortable to hold they also work well to cut gauze, and dead skin from the heels.


Material: Stainless steel + plastic 

Size:  21cm length x 6.2cm width x 3cm blade length 

Weight:  68 grams 

Package includes: 1x set long reach toenail scissors 

How to use: Use these scissors as you would usually use a pair of scissors, or toenail cutting scissors to cut toenails to size. used for gauze, and other medical needs, such as plasters, and cutting dry dead skin away also. Great to have on hand in the home or your medical first aid kit at home, office, and on the go. 

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