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Magic Packing Bands

Magic Packing Bands

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Magic packing bands for the win! Take some of the stress out of travel. Magic bands can reduce some of the stress with travel, by keeping your bag organised!

No need to fret over messy bags and no more finding your bag difficult or overwhelming to manage when you have been on the road for a few days anymore!  Magic bands keep everything together, and helps to make it easier to find and locate items quickly without the stress. Each band magically adheres back onto itself without any sticky residue, and no pesky Velcro.

Made of PVC and PP plastic, these bands are tough, and won’t easily rip, tear, or stretch out of their shape. 


Magic Bands can be used in a few ways… 

1. Use magic bands to hold your clothes together to pick out what you want each day from each pile. Ie: a set of t-shirts, pants, jumpers, sleepwear, etc… And pick one item from pile of clothes kept together with your incredible magic bands. 

2. For those who hate having to make decisions and want a quick and easy way to grab a set of clothes and go, you can use the bands to hold together each days outfit. This is especially handy for those who find decisions around clothing difficult, have anxiety, learning disability, autism, vision impairment, or blind. 


3. Can also be used for compactly and neatly holding your blankets, quilts, towels, pillow, etc…

4. Can be used to transport a few of the kids most favourite soft toys together in the car for the road…

5. Compact storage for your wardrobe, or cupboard.

6. Can be used as a quick way of knowing whose is what in the drawers, cupboard or your travel suitcase. 

7. Know your travel bags are organised, sorted and packed to give you the most storage from your bags.  



Material: PVC, PP Plastic 

Size: please see the sizes below 

Small: 39cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 22 grams

Medium: 59cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 26 grams

Large: 79cm (L) x 9cm (W)  x 40 grams

Weight: 22 grams — 40 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Magic Packing Bands

How to use: 

1. Lay the frosted side of the magic belt flat

2. Roll up the items flat and place them on the

3. Put the magic band into the loop and tighten

4. After proper adjustment, press the bonding surface magic belt it firmly of the tape Magic Band

The towels are arranged, clean and refreshing, and

7. No adhesives or other tools are needed, and it is easy to take. directly self-adhesive.

8. PVC+PP material, high toughness, firm rolls and bundles, it doesn't matter if you have heavy things.

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