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Silicone Toggle with Tool (for masks, elastic, etc)

Silicone Toggle with Tool (for masks, elastic, etc)

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These silicone toggle clips will allow you to create an adjustable product for any of your daily life or crafting needs. Many will recognise them through our recent exposure to wearing masks in our daily lives. These are often on a range of masks to allow you to adjust the mask strap to the length that suits you personally.

These can also be used in a range of other crafts, such as in helping to make cord necklaces more adjustable, and a range of other items with string, cord, cotton or elastic straps. 

Each bag has a pack of 20 toggles to use for assorted crafts. Each side has a wider and thinner entrance to help the toggle grip easily to your elastic, but without being difficult to thread, adjust or use day to day.  


Material: Silicone  

Size: please see details below… 

Rectangle: 0.9cm (L) x 0.6cm (W) 

Circle: 0.9cm (diameter) 

Needle Threader: 5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) 

Weight: 8 grams 

Package includes: 20x toggles 

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