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Mask Strap Elastics 20 Pack (10 White / 10 Black )

Mask Strap Elastics 20 Pack (10 White / 10 Black )

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These came screaming to light when the craze for making masks was at its highest, and while the need isn’t as high, the need for them is still there — as is the need for soft comfort for your ears, + adjustability with the already installed toggle so that you can make a mask that fits to your individual comfort and needs. With 10x Black and 10x White Elastics, this pack would give you 5x sets of each, a total of 10x masks.

As well as being used for masks, those in the craft world know that these elastics have many uses and have been designed into some pretty cool items recently, being used for many various craft projects. 


Material: Nylon + Spandex 

Size: Approx 10cm x 0.5cm 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Includes: 10x White with toggles + 10x Black Elastic with toggles (20x elastics in total) 

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