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MIC* Jejunostomy Threaded Connector Caps

MIC* Jejunostomy Threaded Connector Caps

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MIC* Jejunostomy Threaded Connector Caps are specifically used with jejunostomy feeding tubes.

These threaded connector caps have been designed to provide a secure connection and prevent leakage, and seal the feeding tube when it is not in use. It can offers a protective function, as threaded connector caps can help prevent accidental disconnection of the tube. It can provide a secure closure, reducing risk of the tube becoming detached or dislodged, reducing risk to feeding disruption, or potential complications. 

Note: Please enquire to place an order for these. 


Material: Medical Grade Plastics

Size: to for a Jejunostomy Tube 

Weight: Less than 5 grams 

Package Contains: 5x Threaded Jejusostomy Caps 

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