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Milk Mates — Easy Seal Opener

Milk Mates — Easy Seal Opener

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Say goodbye to the frustration of struggling with foil seals on milk bottles! With the Milk Mates Bottle Seal Opener, opening bottles becomes a breeze, no matter your age or physical condition. Whether you're a child, elderly, or dealing with conditions like arthritis, joint instability, carpal tunnel, or muscle weakness, this handy tool is here to make your life easier. Effortlessly remove stubborn caps and enjoy smooth pouring every time. Don't let bottle caps get in the way of your enjoyment – grab your Milk Mates Bottle Seal Opener today and experience the difference it makes!

Image Description: A blue plastic bottle seal opener. It fits over the milk bottle, with a small spike that enters the milk bottle, and cuts the foil easily for uou. You place the cap on the milk bottle and then twist the cap 90 degrees and turn it, for it to break the seal. 


Note: This product has been custom designed and made in New Zealand by an inventor with disabilities himself. We are very proud to host his products here to be available to everyone whose life is made easier because of his inventions for every day access needs.  


Material: Plastic 

Size: 6cm (diameter) 

Weight: 5 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Milk Mates Bottle Opener 

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