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Mosquito Repellant Stickers - 18 Pack

Mosquito Repellant Stickers - 18 Pack

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Mosquito Repellent Sticker Patches are a fantastic way to keep bugs and mozzies away. Just place a sticker on your clothing, and let the harmless non-toxic, DEET-free, sticker work its brilliance and magic! 

These stickers are formulated and infused with essential oils that bugs and mozzies do not like. None of us likes those pesky bites. A strike against the mozzie is a win for you! Take enough for your friends, and you’ll be the star of the party + hero of the night! 



Material: Woven Fabric, Adhesive, Essential Oils 

Size11.5cm (W) x 8 cm (H) x 2.5cm (diameter) 

Weight:  3 grams

Package includes: Chosen set of stickers 

How to use: To use these stickers, first remove them from the packet, and then place them onto your clothing, a hat, sock, bikini, wheelchair or other device close by. Do not adhere directly to the skin. Once in place, it will last for 24 hours. After placing the sticker on, close the rest of the packet for next time, or place it in an airtight bag for keeping until next time.  

Caution: Protect the stickers from fire sources and electrical outlets. Please do not dispose of them near any flames, and do not expose to direct or harsh sunlight.  Please place stickers where kids do not have access to them. Place on the outside exterior of your clothing. Do not attach the sticker directly to your skin. If you see any irritation developing, or have any stinging or itching develop, remove the sticker, and please rinse your skin. If you have contact in your eye, please flush with water. In either case, please do not rub your skin. 


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