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Multifunctional Spoon

Multifunctional Spoon

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This multi-functional kitchen spoon is an all-in-one answer to many of your kitchen serving needs. Made from non-toxic and high-quality food-grade plastic, it is environmentally friendly and safe to use for all of your kitchen and cooking needs. Each feature of the spoon has been thoughtfully considered + added.

From grating and grinding to mashing, macerating, draining, and serving. This wee spoon and tool is where it is at. It makes a fantastic tool for grating your garlic and ginger on the go as you use the spoon for mixing and stirring your meal. It makes a great tool for mashing potatoes, beating eggs, and serving a meal. It can also be used for filtering out liquid and oils from the meal created or, say, olives from a jar. Once you have finished cooking, just rinse it under the tap and wash it as usual. It’s a quick, easy and painless cleanup. 

This tool is great for a range of purposes and uses:

— As a slotted serving spoon

— As a rice serving spoon 

Grate your Garlic and Ginger 

Smoosh roasted garlic to a paste 

Mash well-cooked potatoes 

— Use it to separate your egg white from the yolk 

— As an egg beater

Filtering the liquid from items out of a bowl. For example, olives from the oil or fruit salad from juices. 

— To help further mash and create a smoother purée 

— as a way to grind nuts, and grate nutmeg 

— and so many more uses! 

Seriously, who knew there was a single kitchen tool that could achieve so much and all on its very own? 


Material: Premium PP Plastic 

Size: please see below for more details… 

Handle: 23cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

Spoon: 10cm (L) x 6.5cm (W) x 3cm (D) 

Weight: 26 grams

Package Contains: 1x Multifunctional Cooking Spoon 


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