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Neon Bike Light

Neon Bike Light

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Looking to add some flair to your wheelchair, bike, mobility scooter, or vehicle? These motion-activated light-up valve caps are both stylish and functional. They not only look great but also create a captivating spinning light effect as you move, enhancing safety during nighttime rides and in adverse weather conditions. As your wheels begin to turn, they instantly illuminate, forming a solid circle of light that seems to float above your wheels. When you come to a stop, they automatically turn off to conserve battery power. Valve caps enhance the visual appeal of your wheels, sure to attract attention + compliments.

Crafted from high-quality lightweight ABS, these valve caps not only adorn your wheels but also offer corrosion resistance and waterproof capabilities. Installation is a breeze – simply screw them on.

Enhance Your Ride with light up Tire Valve Caps.


Material: ABS plastic, Aluminium 

Size: 6.3cm (L) × 1.8 (diameter) 

Battery: 3 * LR1130 batteries (not included) 

Weight: 20 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pair Light Up Vavle Caps 

How to install

When you first receive your valve caps, please ensure that you remove the plastic sheet inside the battery compartment before you install the battery. Exercise caution when inserting the battery, ensuring it is oriented correctly. Please note, this light operates based on motion, illuminating while your wheel itself is in motion. It will remain off when it is stationary.


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