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Oral Speech Therapy Tools

Oral Speech Therapy Tools

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These tongue trainer stick are a brilliant option when you’re trying to build strength into the tongue muscles - especially when paired with Speech and Language Therapy or with an Occupational Therapist. 

Help build up your tongue muscles for clearer speech and rehabilitation of oral muscles after stroke, brain injury, or neurological rehabilitation or due to medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain tumour, autism, learning disability, and more… 

With 3 stick trainers focused on specific muscle groups, you will be able to train the tongues side to side movement, up and down movement as well as resistance to suppression exercises. These can be used to help stretch the lingual frenulum and support development of improved + supportive bolus control. 

Note: These are suitable for both adults and children. 

Detail of the tongue trainers and how they work?  

I-Shape trainer: This trainer is most suitable for the posterior alveolar position of the tongue and to help perform the lateral back and forth alternate training.

T-Shape trainer: This trainer is most suitable for the front teeth position of the tongue up and down, as well as the left and right rehab for alternating training.

C-Shape trainer: This trainer is most suitable for alternately training the mouth and tongue.

Great for: swallowing, speech and language therapy, brain injury, neurological injury and rehab, multiple sclerosis, dysphagia, oral cancer recovery, and cleft pallet. Also great for oral rehab from any injury or any illness that has had an affect on oral muscle strength and muscle coordination for speech and safe swallow. 

Directions for use: Open your mouth and put the tip of your tongue trainer into the corresponding position in your mouth, gently bite it, and then push the ball with your tongue from one side to the other side for restoration. The tip of your tongue should keep in contact with the small ball holder throughout the whole process. Repeat this action 10-50 times.

To clean: Rinse with warm water and wipe dry. After using it, use orthodontic cleaning tablet for cleaning. 



Material: PP Plastic, Alloy 

Size: Please see below… 

‘T’ Shaped Trainer: 12.6cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

‘I’ Shaped Trainer: 14.5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

‘C’ Shaped Trainer: 14.5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 2cm (D) 

Weight: 150 grams 

Package Contains: 3x Set Tongue Trainer 



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