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Mini Rubbish Bag Dispenser

Mini Rubbish Bag Dispenser

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Our Mini Rubbish Bag Dispensers are super popular to pair with our rolls of rubbish bags for getting out and about and being on the go. Whether it is for you or someone else who has an ostomy, uses nappies, pads, liners, or catheters. 

These dispensers are fantastic! They have a clip so that you can clip them where it’s easiest - inside your bag, on your keys, on the push chair, wheelchair or dog leash. Pair with the rubbish bags to ensure that you’ll never be caught out. They are also super handy to have in the car for travelling, or in your backpack, and at home, to make sure you always have a disposal bag on hand when it’s needed the most. 

The torch is a bonus feature - especially handy if you are out and about at night, or caught out in the dark. 

Image Description: A rubbish bag dispenser in yellow with a torch light at one end, and a removable cap on the other to fill the dispenser with rubbish bag roll. The opening for the rubbish bags is shaped as a dog bone. The photos show the dispenser on its own, with the rolls of rubbish bags next to it, as well as inside it. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 10cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 4cm (H)

Weight:  36 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Rubbish Bag Dispenser + 3x AG3 battery (included) + 4x roll of bags (15 bags per roll). 

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