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Pancake and Cake Squeezy Bottle

Pancake and Cake Squeezy Bottle

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Do you have a favourite pancake recipe that you love? Do you often buy the pancake mixes from the supermarket because they are easy and convenient? Do you struggle to ladle out pancake batter from a bowl without it getting really messy at the same time and wish there was an easier, cleaner way to make your pancakes fast, quickly and easily? Now we can! 

These fantastic designed pancake mixing jars are the perfect way to pre-make your own pancake mixes to be stored in the cupboard ready for when you need  quick ‘mix it up and cook it’ pancake breakfast. Better yet, it can also gives the kids more independence in the kitchen to add the last two wet ingredients before shaking it up, and then heating the pan to cook them. 

This is also a great tool for those with complex illness, or disability, and makes it easier to hold and handle pouring pancake mix into the pan with less effort. If you don’t want to cook all the pancakes at once, you can simply pop the lid on and put into fridge for later. 

These can be used for wide range of uses, including powdered smoothies and protein shakes, as well as for muffin mixtures, fritters, eggs, and other items. The steel ball made of surgical grade stainless steel that comes inside of the bottle helps to aid the mixing of all contents inside of the bottle more thoroughly. 

Each part of the container is removable to help make clean up a breeze. It has a pressure relief valve to help stop the contents spitting out when opening it after it’s been shaken and hells to reduce any spilling out of the contents inside. It is temperature safe to 240 degrees Celsius, and it is BPA Free, and contains no phthalates either. It is also dishwasher safe. 

Note: Email us for our own very own pancake recipe that comes highly recommended by all who try it out. 


Material:  PP Plastic, silica gel, stainless steel

Size:  28cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 11cm (D)

Capacity: 1000ml / 1 Litre 

Weight: 125 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pancake Bottle Dispenser 

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