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Pants Button Extender

Pants Button Extender

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Never again will you have to worry about the battle of trying to keep a tight pants button done up. And these specific button extenders have an additional covering to tuck into the area where that zip would usually be cover it up to offer you discrete comfort to wear the clothes you want, while staying comfortable.

There are so many reasons that someone might need the adjustability or accessibility of a button extender.

Situations that can benefit from button extenders: 

- a wheelchair user who spends most of their time sitting will appreciate some extra space in the top band of their pants 

- Someone with medical tubes such as a feeding tube, suprapubic catheter, an ostomy, a dialysis line, an insulin pump, or any other type of medical gear around your belly that needs some additional space 

- Someone with chronic pain in their gut from chrons disease, inflammatory bowel disease, gastroparesis, dysmotility, endometriosis or another form of gut pain that can cause swelling, bloating, or tenderness  

- Those with neuropathy, nerve pain, hyperglasia, complex regional pain syndrome, or central sensitisation syndromes in the gut or spine 

- Those with other forms of sensory issue or overload

- Expectant mothers as they adjust their wardrobes to accommodate their growing bellies, or new mothers who need extra space in their clothes after the birth of their new little loves 

- Those who have gained weight and want to continue to comfortably wear an item from your wardrobe. 

- Any other number of reasons because no one needs to justify wanting to be comfortable! You do what works for you because it’s important to make any situation work to the best of your abilities — and if we can help you do that by making your clothing more comfortable so you can wear what you want with ease and relaxation then we’re pumped by that! 



Material: Cottoman

Size:  18cm x 17cm

Weight: 3 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Button Extender 

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