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Pencil Cap Covers

Pencil Cap Covers

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Keep your cherished LED and colored pencils in perfect condition with these handy pencil lid caps. Say goodbye to damaged or broken tips. These caps ensure your pencils stay in top-notch shape, preventing color transfer between them and minimizing tip breakage and blunting. Plus, they help maintain the inner lining of your beloved pencil case and storage tin, keeping them clean and free from any color smudges. 

Use these pencil lid caps on your LED and coloured pencils and rest in the knowledge that your pencils will remain as pristine as when you last used them — even if they're jostling around in your school bag, backpack, or office supplies. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 8cm (L) x 4.5cm (diameter) 

To fit: Standard pencil and coloured pencil tips 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Contains: 12x Pencil Cap Covers 

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