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Phone Strap + Lanyard

Phone Strap + Lanyard

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These adjustable neck length phone lanyards make a fantastic addition to your keeping your phone safe with you at all times. Using one of these can help you to reduce the chances of frequently dropping your phone. It can also reduce chances of accidentally putting it down and forgetting it somewhere too — especially while you are out about exploring. These will adjust to wear around your neck, or like a side satchel bag. Attach and detach the phone from the cord easily whenever needed for your convenience. 

These are easy to use, and can easily be left in place for connivence as needed as it won’t block or impair your phone charger cord from charging your phone, or bulk out your phone case at all either — winning!!

Note: You can also easily attach your keys, or cards to the lanyard strap for safe keeping on you as well. 




Material: Nylon, Leather, Metal 

Size: Please see below… 

Rope Length: 1.5 Meters 

Phone Insert: 6cm (W) x 4cm (H) 

Weight:  30 grams 

Package includes: 1x Phone Holder + Lanyard 

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