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PICC Line Adhesive Tube Stabiliser

PICC Line Adhesive Tube Stabiliser

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Stabilise your PICC line, central line tube, or feeding tube with this adhesive tube stabiliser with Velcro closure for easily wrapping and unwrapping length on your tube. This can be added on top of the dressing itself or directly to the skin (if adhesive allergy isn’t an issue for you). This is a fantastic way to wrap any extra lengths of PICC line tubing or reduce the weight of a feeding tube or central line from dangling freely. 

Designed with polyester elastic strap, and with Velcro straps designed easily for wrapping extra tubing - this can make managing your PICC line a a little bit easier. 


Material: Polyester, Elastic, Velcro, ABS plastic 

Size: Please see below… 

Full size: 3.5cm (W) x 9cm (L) 

Velcro Clip: 3.8cm (per side) 

Weight: 1 gram

Package Contains: 1x PICC Line Adhesive Stabiliser 

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