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PICC Line Cover (Elastic)

PICC Line Cover (Elastic)

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Protect your PICC line and keep it securely in place with one of our PICC line arm sleeves. The benefit of using a sleeve is being able to secure your PICC line and stop it from being accidentally snagged, pulled or tugged. The simple choice of what sleeve you’ll wear today can be incredibly empowering in a situation that can often feel quite out of control and allow some fun.

In a range of fun colours, patterns and designs, there is no space for plain and boring here — and because a anything that gives us control over our circumstances and helps to de-medicalise our reality is a win too. Life is too short to not have some fun and decorate it.

Our sleeves are made from a soft stretchy fabric that will accomodate a range of arm sizes. Pick from a discrete beige or black, a fun zebra pattern, or one of our limited edition colours, styles, or design options. 

Note: These sleeves can also be used over an elbow, as well as can be used to keep medicated patches in place, or hold a continuous blood sugar monitor too. 

Ideal for those who have: 

— A PICC line, to protect your line and keep it discrete, secure, and tidy. Reduce chances of it being snagged, or pulled or caught on anything by accident 

— As a way of holding dressings securely to your skin, especially for those with adhesive allergy  

— As a means of covering your arms when it’s needed. An example may be for covering up tattoos on your upper or lower arms when it’s required 

— As a concealer to manage and cover up scars 

— For those who use a Continuous Blood Glucose Meter on their arm to help keep it discretely secure

— Used on your lower arms to protect them from the harsh effects of the UV Sun when out and about 

— To protect your lower arms from scratches and marks when pruning or working out in the garden



Material: Spandex 

Size: 18cm (L) x 9cm (W)  

Suitable for arm: 21-32 cm (circumference)

Weight: 8 grams 

Package includes: 1x PICC line cover





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