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Pin — I tell Dad Jokes Periodically

Pin — I tell Dad Jokes Periodically

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Celebrate the perfect blend of humor and science with the "I Tell Dad Jokes Periodically" Pin. This witty pin is designed to resemble elements from the periodic table, cleverly spelling out the word "JOKES" using element symbols. It's an ideal accessory for dads, science enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a good pun. This is a very playful nod to science, and to ‘Dad joke’ humour.  The periodic table elements Jo (hypothetical), K (Potassium), and Es (Einsteinium) are humorously combined to spell "JOKES." This clever design goes to the next length to also play on the word "periodically," referring to both the periodic table and the nature of dad jokes that are frequently told. This pin is a fun way to celebrate the joy of puns and the special brand of humour that dad jokes represent.

Image Description:  This pin, with the text "I TELL DAD JOKES PERIODICALLY." The word "DAD" is prominently displayed in large, bold white letters. Below "DAD," the word "JOKES" is spelled out using boxes representing the elements from the periodic table: Jo (in red), K (in orange), and Es (in blue). It is finished with the word “PERIODICALLY” under that. 


Material: Zinc Alloy 
Size: 2.5cm x 2.8cm
Weight: 4 grams 
Package Includes: 1x pin
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