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Pin — ‘Autistic’

Pin — ‘Autistic’

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Buy, swap, trade, gift, and collect our range of pins!

Pins are for collecting, encouraging, reminding us of the truths and values, bringing joy and laughter, gives something to talk about with a friend, and they also make great gifts! Plus pin trading is always fun #win!

Hold you head high with your neurodiversity with this fun pin that proudly states “Autistic”. Use this pin to start conversations, as well as to help to remove and challenge the negative stereotypes that society has developed about Autism, and help to push back on that and educate by simply living life being… You! 

Not everyone wants to disclose their Autism diagnosis or have others know, and that’s ok! But by request, if you want a want to let others know about your autism, this is one way that you are able to do + achieve this. 

Proudly Autistic, this fabulous pin is both bright and happy with a blue background, a rainbow and the words above it loudly and proudly reads “autistic”. 

Image Description: A button badge with a blue background, and a bright half rainbow across the top left third of the badge. The words “Autistic” is written in bubble text in a range of rainbow themed colours.

Note: These come with a bronze or silver backing. If you have a specific preference, please let us know. 


Material: Metal, and glass. 
Size: 3.2cm (diameter)
Weight: 5 grams 
Package Includes: 1x pin
Note: Can also be ordered in other sizes (3.8cm, 4.4cm, 5.8cm). Please just enquire for these sizes. 
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