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Poop Emoji Slingshot — Coloured

Poop Emoji Slingshot — Coloured

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When life is hard, we chose laughter, silliness and joy — and what better way than with a very simple yet effective slingshot of stretchy silicone poop emoji’s?

First purchased for someone dealing with serious bowel conditions while in the hospital as a way to help them process what was happening, lighten the load and provide comic relief. It ended up that everyone loved it! Drs, nurses, therapists, staff, and patients alike all wanted to know where they came from and how to get them! It has become a much loved toy, and a staple packed into their hospital admissions bags. Also great as a safe sensory relief option for at home while indoors (aimed safely), as they will stick to walls and doors for a half second before dropping to the ground ready for the next slingshot!

You might ask “whhhhhhy?!”, when you first see this, and many have! You’d be surprised the number of people who have found this wee product so useful!

Our Poop Emoji’s Slingshots can help as:  

— A sensory relief, and a way to safely manage big emotions and frustrations in small environments.

— A way to lighten up serious situations and realities.

— A way to play tricks on your nurses and doctors 

— A very real and practical yet safe stress reliever 

— Brilliantly inclusive for those who can only move a hand or finger, as well as those who can run around!

— A way to create memories and have little poop wars

— As a way to help your child take back the control in their lives while dealing with difficult issues of the gut 

Image Description: Each poop emoji is a made out of a stretchy thermoplastic rubber (latex free), that has been brightly coloured with simmer into 5x colours: Brown, Hot Pink, Neon Green, Bright Blue, and Yellow. And each poop emoji has a fun emoji face printed onto it.  6.5cm long, they are super stretchy and elastic. 


Material: Elastic Thermoplastic Rubber (latex free) 

Size: 6.5cm x 1.5cm (diameter) 

Weight:  3 grams 

Package includes: 5x Poop Slingshot

Instructions: Place your finger inside the head of the poop emoji slingshot, and pull back with the other hand, fire and launch it into the air, or against a wall and watch it fly, or see it go splat. Lots of giggles galore. To revitalise the stickiness of your poop emoji slingshots, simply wash them in mild detergent and air dry. Once dry the poop emoji slingshot will stick again.




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