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Portable Bidet

Portable Bidet

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The 500ml portable bidet is perfect for travel. The bidet allows you to clean yourself with water, and is a much more gentle solution to using toilet paper. The bidet is especially useful for cleaning up after changing your baby of toddlers nappies. They are also an effective solution for those who are in bed for significant periods of time, and those who need to use bed pans, as well as those who want an easy and quick way to freshen up that area without a shower. 

We have been told that the portable bidet has been really effective in managing pain in the vaginal and rectal area after having a baby or surgery to that area, and has been helpful in aiding relief during pain from urethra spasms, thrush infections, itching + dryness. 

They are also fantastic to have one dedicated to and available for use as a part of your first aid kit*, using it as an effective solution for washing wounds out and removing grit from wounds with medical sterile water. *We recommend this is not used interchangeably. 

The travel bidet is a great solution for: 

— Pregnant woman, and those who are post birth. 
— Those recovering from vaginal or rectal surgeries
— Cleaning up after nappy changes, a gentle way to clean and wash especially delicate, raw or painful skin
— Those who are in bed for extended periods of time— Those who need to use bed pans  
— As a way to gently freshen up your private areas 

Folding down for travel, this is a great option to carry. It comes with the 500ml bottle, 2x nozzles and a bag.  

Note: Also available in green, pink, purple, and red. Enquire with us if you would like to order the bidet one of these colours we have available, thank you. 


Material:  EVA, PP Plastic 

Size:  34cm (H) x 6.5cm (W) 

Capacity: 500ml 

Weight: 150 grams 

Package includes: 1x Portable Bidet, 2x nozzles, 1x storage bag


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