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Portable Oral Dental Water Flosser + Irrigator, 6 piece

Portable Oral Dental Water Flosser + Irrigator, 6 piece

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An electric dental flosser that does the hard work for you. No more dental floss and trying to get your hands into your mouth and around the tooth. Simply fill the base of the dental flosser with water, and attach the lid, and chose your dental flossing tool. The water based dental flosser is just as effective as regular flossing, but more gentle and with less abrasive risks. 

Easily and effectively clean and floss your teeth with this electric dental flosser, remove debris, food build up and plaque with regular water based flossing. It is also incredibly effective for those who use braces, and those with dentures that can cause food build up during the day. 

The flosser is fully waterproof and the water container can hold 220ml of water at a time - enough water to be able to fill it once and use up to 3 times a day. It has a safety and auto turn-off kill switch if it has been left on for longer than 2 minutes without being used. The flosser has 3 modes of intensity — soft, strong and pulse mode, to meet your daily flossing needs. 

The dental flosser is a great solution for:

1. Anyone with a bleeding disorder or low platelets,
2. For those with sensory issues,   
3. People with disabilities who require help/support with dental hygiene (for any number of reasons).  
4. People with muscle weakness, or limited range of motion, flexibility or dexterity to navigate flossing. 
5. People who navigate pain in their wrists and arms 
6. People who have limited or reduced movement in their jaws that make it more difficult to access their teeth and open their jaws wide enough to do so    
7. People who have issues with TMJ disorders
8. People who are not easily able to move their necks or those who have had fusions on their neck/spine.
9. Those who want more independence in their dental hygiene but aren't able to floss easily. 
10. Those who just want to know that they have had a really thorough dental clean and want to be able to add this to their dental and self care routine.  

The dental flosser is easy to store and travel with, as all of the dental floss tools can be stored inside the water cup for safe keeping when you are travelling.  



Material: Food Grade ABS Plastic 

Size28cm (L) x 6cm (Diameter)  

Water Capacity: 220ml 

Weight: 250 grams 

Package includes: 1x Electric Dental Oral Flosser, 4x dental flossing attachments, + Instructions Manual  

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