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Portable Suction Hook

Portable Suction Hook

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Portable suction hooks! Who would think such a little hook could make such a big difference to someone’s ability to get out and live and have quality of life?

Use this for travel in your car to hand feeds, fluids or other hanging needs inside the car. Allow yourself the freedom and mobility to hit the road while managing medical cares, or your child’s. You can also use these hooks to hang your kids favourite toys to the window of the car also. 

Alternatively, you can also use these to hang items on your mirror, against your window, or with camping and pitching things to the side of the car to create an anchor point! So long as you can suction it to something, then you can use it for anything really…. Camping, tents, tarps, kids playhouses, window decorations, signs up from inside on a window to let people know to be welcomed in (or not). Stay safe, care for your needs & enjoy life! You are so worth it! 

High strength, light weight, durable, can hold a lot. 


Material: ABS plastic, nylon webbing, metal 

Size: Suction cup, 7cm diameter x Strap Length, 9cm x width of strap length, 3.5cm 

Weight: 46 grams 

Package includes: 1x hanging suction clip 


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