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Portable Travel Cooler Ice Pack

Portable Travel Cooler Ice Pack

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Keep your food and drinks cold with the ‘Cooler Ice Pack’, the perfect replacement for ice and dry ice. These compact, light weight cooler packs are great for camping, picnics, road trips, lunchboxes, this ice pack provides long-lasting cooling without the mess.

Provides long-lasting cooling, keeping your items cold for up to 8 hours without the mess of melted ice.


➡️ Reusable: Can be used over and over again. 
➡️ Non Toxic Materials: Safe for food contact.   
➡️ Compact: Designed to be space saving for you.
➡️ Effective: Keep your items cold for up to 8 hours.

Image Description: The Cooler Ice Pack is displayed in silver with the spout at the top left corner. The label reads “Cooler Ice Pack - Replaces Ice & Dry Ice," then reads "Quart Pack - Equals 3 lbs of Ice" and "Lasts 8 Hours in Size-Matched Lunchpack." The pack is held upright to showcase the front label clearly.



Material: Foil 

Size: 19cm (W) x 16cm (H) 

Cooling Time: Lasts up to 8 hours in a size-matched lunch pack.

Weight: 50 grams (approx) 

Package Contains: 1x Ice Pack

How to Use:

1. Freezing: Please place the Cooler Ice Pack in the freezer for at least 12 hours before use to ensure it reaches its optimal cooling temperature.
2. Placement: Once frozen, place the ice pack in your cooler, lunchbox, or any insulated container with your food and beverages.
3. Duration: The ice pack will keep your items cold for up to 8 hours. For best results, minimise the opening of the container to retain the cold temperature.
4. Reusable: After use, simply place the ice pack back in the freezer. It can be reused multiple times, making it an economical and environmentally friendly choice.


➡️ Do not expose the frozen pack to bare skin for extended periods to avoid frostbite or cold burn.  
➡️ If the product is torn or punctured, please do not use the item. Please discard it immediately.



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