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Portable Travel IV Pole

Portable Travel IV Pole

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Get yourself a portable IV pole to use for any medical cares such as TPN or IV fluid infusions, medications, as well as bowel care programmes and tube feedings. 
Our portable IV pole folds up compactly for easy and light weight transportation with its own storage bag.  Made of strong aluminium alloy with solid base to support stability of your pile, makes this pole very light weight, portable and easy to move around with.
The pole is quickly and readily height adjustable to meet your needs and your height needs conveniently. This pole comes with a 4x hook attachment that can all be folded up for compact travel, as well as 3x convenient net bags options to make hanging bottles an easy alternative option for infusion bottle delivery. 

This is suitable for those with chronic or complex health issues that are living busy lives and want to be able to stay travelling and living life while managing their medical cares, for travel, as a back up pole when needed at holiday, parental, or friends home. Also works well for nursing homes, and home healthcare. 
Material: Aluminium Alloy 
Size: 69cm (folded L) x 15cm (diameter)  
Minimum Height: 120cm (H) 
Maximum Height: 210cm (H) 
Storage Bag: 78cm x 30cm 
Weight: 300 grams 
Package Contains: 1x Portable IV Pole 

: Please ensure that you prohibit any heavy pressure and ensure there is no contact with any heavy chemicals such as sulphuric acid as well as any corrosive gases to avoid any damage to your IV pole.
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