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Post-Mastectomy Drain Bag Holder

Post-Mastectomy Drain Bag Holder

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Discover our Mastectomy Drainage Pouch – your essential companion for post-surgery recovery and support.

Specially designed to provide comfort and freedom of movement, this pouch is perfect for mastectomy patients, whether you've undergone cancer surgery, augmentation, or reconstruction. It securely holds drain bottles, thanks to the innovative dual pocket design — you can even wear it discreetly under clothing. The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric ensures ultimate comfort, day and night, without irritating your skin. Plus, it's fully adjustable for a personalized fit, offering freedom and convenience during your recovery journey.

Note: The neck bag is able to be worn in the shower for an versatile solution for showering post-surgery.



Material: Polyester 

Size: 27cm (L) x 15cm (H) 

Weight: 60 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Post mastectomy drain bag

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