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Reusable Ice Pack - Hand

Reusable Ice Pack - Hand

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The NEWGO Ice Pack Gloves have been specifically designed for ease and convenience to bring you widespread relief to your thumb, wrist or hand when you need it most, while allowing you to carry on in life.

With a mitten-shaped design and adjustable strap, it is made to fit most individuals comfortably. Heat it in the microwave for heat therapy, or cool in the fridge or freezer for cold therapy (up to 20 mins per session). Made with a soft nylon exterior, and an internal gel.

Great for anyone who has had: a hand / wrist / thumb injury, or is navigating pain, arthritis, swelling, carpel tunnel, tendonitis, trigger finger, sprains, strains or overuse syndrome. It is also beneficial for a ranger of other medical conditions and skin issues, such as allergies or burns, sunburn, and itching relief. 

Reusable. Safe for the fridge, freezer and microwave.

Image Description: A black wrist relief glove that has gel inside it that can offer cool or heat relief. It covers up to the knuckles of your hand, and up to the top knuckle in your thumb. There is an elastic strap around the wrist to help secure it in place on the wrist


Material: Neoprene, Gel Ice Packs 

Size: One size fits most, for both left and right hands. 

Weight: 300 grams approx

Package includes: 1x Hand Ice Pack Support  

To use: Freeze the gel pack for 2 hours for use as a cold compress, or microwave for 20 seconds at a time to help heat to ease any muscle spasms. Finally relief! 

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