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Rotating Universal Phone Holder — Car, Bike, Gym, Table top, Desk

Rotating Universal Phone Holder — Car, Bike, Gym, Table top, Desk

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This phone holder will hold and stand your phone up anywhere you would like to place it, it can be attached to poles (such as gym equipment, bike, an IV pole, etc). It is great for using inside the car as the smaller loop will allow you to clip it into the air vents of your vehicle. Using this phone holder can also make it easier for you to hold and grip your phone with less effort and energy, this can be especially beneficial for watching videos, or just browsing in general. The small loop also becomes the base to stand your phone up on a variety of surfaces and environments.

Made of a high density plastic, it can and will stretch out to accomodate a wide range of phone sizes, and the smaller loop will stretch to wrap around and hold to variety of tools (such as a pole or the cars air vent). The phone holder itself can be turned to allow you to clip it to any surface and turn it to have your phone on the angle that you would like to be able to use it on. 

Note: Also available in other colours, please enquire. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 9cm (L) … see below for widths … 

Big Clip Side:  3.5cm (W)

Little Clip Side: 2.5cm (W) 

Weight: 37 grams 

Package includes: 1x Phone Holder 

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