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Silicone Straw Tips

Silicone Straw Tips

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These silicone tips are super comfortable to use! No longer do you need to worry that the hard metal of the straws would hurt, burn or freeze your lips. It will keep your teeth safe and helps make drinking from a straw more comfortable and pleasant. The straw tips are made of 100% silicone — safe and practical, reusable and durable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, and just makes it a great experience!

Eco friendly. These also make your straw more fun to use, with its pops of colour on the end of your metal or glass straw. It removes any possibility of a metallic taste transferring to your drink at all.  


Material: Silicone 

Size: 4cm length x 1.2cm diameter 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package includes: 1x silicone straw tip for your straw

How to use: To use, simply slide the wider side of the silicone tip over the end of your metal or glass straw. 

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