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Self Heating Back Support

Self Heating Back Support

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A self heating waist band with lower back (lumber) support to help ease aches, pains, muscles spasms and cramping around your lower and lumber spine area and support a better overall posture. It has the main velcro strap to connect the brace around your lower back, and fit to your size and comfort. Once this is in place, there are an additional two elastic straps located on each side of the brace to help you pull those straps in for a more tailored and unique support brace. Inside this brace are special magnets that use your own natural body temperature to generate a gentle heat, this helps to offer you and others a safe and natural remedy to help ease spinal discomforts. The magnets help increase blood flow to the area too. 

This brace is light weight and compact to both carry, travel with and wear. It is portable and adjustable. To use it simply wrap it around your lower back, with the main area against your back, and the velcro straps wrapping around in front of you. You can adjust the velcro to suit your own desired pressure, tightness, comfort and postural needs. Adjust it as you need to.

It comes in a range of sizes, please measure your lower back and chose the size that suits your needs. 


These are great for winter, for staying warm while watching the kids early morning sports on the field, on the boat with friends, or a picnic as the air cools towards the end of the day. Great for the office, work, and play. Reduce pain, stay warm, and find comfort in the heat and support that this heated wrap can offer.

This wrap is made with silky material, and heats up using carbon fibre technology to between 45 — 55°C. Secured in place using Velcro, you can adjust it to your own comfort as often as you need. There is non slip technology built into the fabric to help it stay in place exactly where you want and need relief most.



Material: Oxford Cloth, fabric, magnets, velcro 

Size: Please see the cm’s and diameter sizes below… 

Small: 60cm — 76cm (stretched up to 101cm) 

Medium: 77cm — 86cm (stretched up to 105cm)

Large: 87cm — 96cm (stretched up to 109cm) 

X Large: 97cm — 108cm (stretched up to 113cm) 

Weight: 95 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Self Heating Waist Belt  

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