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Sewing Finger Pusher Glove + Tool

Sewing Finger Pusher Glove + Tool

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This sewing finger tool is an absolutely fantastic option for making your sewing easier - especially for any detailed work. This tool can be used on the left or the right hand, and can be adjusted to fit securely on any finger that you chose — it can even be used with your long nails to prevent any breakage or damages.

The best thing? There is no need to take it off for your sewing or work in between, as you are easily able to still pick up scissors, thread or needle with it on too. 


This tool is great for… 

- Accurately guide material through sewing machine 

- More easily apply sequins,

- See your shirting with more ease 

- Control and organise multiple threads at once 

- Great for acupuncture quilts

- Accurately position at the cross seam / intersection 

- Easily fix the corners of fabric as you guide it into the sewing machine for fine and delicate sewing 

- Can cover your fingernails to avoid nail breakage, and protect your false nails from melting on the iron

-  Use it to close the security pins 

- Press difficult seams more easily and effectively 

- Use this to guide closely for detailed stitch work 

- Open seams more safely and easily again also 



Material: Plastic 

Size: 6cm (L) x 1.7cm (H) 

Weight:  3 grams

Package includes: 1x Sewing Aid Tool 

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