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Silicone Bowl Covers (Coloured)

Silicone Bowl Covers (Coloured)

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Our fantastic silicone bowl covers come in a set of 5 sizes - perfect for covering all range of bowl sizes.  If you are looking for a reusable, eco friendly, safe and durable replacement to using disposable plastic and glad wrap on your bowls, these are a great solution! 

Not only are these eco friendly, they’re fantastic for anyone with limited dexterity or hand mobility. Easy to drop in place, and with an easy lift tab. If you burp the air out of the bowl after placing the lid on it, it will create a suction seal keeping everything safely inside. Great for keeping the flies and bugs off of the food in bowls as you’re waiting to serve a meal, or have food out and ready for the BBQ or a potluck with friends. No awkward container lids to open - these are easy to place on, easy to lift, and easy to put back on again. 

These lids can be used as a lid for your pots and pans as you’re cooking, and can protect you from any hot splattering or splashes as your food simmers away. Use them on the bench to protect your bench from the bottom of a hot pan. These are heat safe and can be used in the oven, microwave, and as an oven mitt. 

Made of a durable food grade silicone, these lids are flexible, light weight, reusable, and easy to use. They are washable, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. They are also non slip, non stick, resistant to burns, cracks, warping, fading, melting, or shrinking,  resistant to germs and wont absorb smells or odours. 

In a range of fun and bright colours ranges, these brighten your kitchen when the covers are in use. 



Material: Food Grade Silicone 

Size: Please see size details below… 

Extra Small: 10cm (diameter) 

Small: 15cm (diameter) 

Medium: 20cm (diameter) 

Large: 25cm (diameter) 

Extra Large: 30cm (diameter) 

Weight: 200 grams (total for set) 

Package Contains: 5x Bowl Covers (1 of each size)  

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