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Silicone Drink Identifier Bands, 6 PACK

Silicone Drink Identifier Bands, 6 PACK

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Do you have trouble in your house with mugs and glasses building up in the sink all day? Do they kids (or adults) use a new cup every time they get a drink? Do you place your glass down and then forget where you put it, or maybe which one was yours? Do you have big parties and events, with a limited amount of glasses, or maybe you want to do something for the environment and get each person sticking with their one cup for the duration of the night, day or weekend?

Now finally you can with these fantastic stretchy silicone drink identifier bands! Whether it is a mug, cup, or wine glass, you will be able to wrap the band around your cup of choice in a way that’s unique to you. At the top, bottom, half way up, on an angle, or over the handle. With a range of colours available, you will be able to have everyone identify their own cup more easily based on what colour they use and how they wrap their identifier band onto their own cup. 

No more need for disposable cups, difficult to remove stickers, or writing in whiteboard pen that can rub off as the night or day goes on. Silicone is where it’s at! 

Reusable, washable and dishwasher safe! 

Note: single units are also available, please enquire. 


Material: Silicone

Size: 9cm (L) x 2cm (W) 

Diameter: 6cm 

Weight: 12 grams per pack of 6. 

Package includes: 6x drink identifier bands 


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