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Secure Glasses Head Strap, Silicone

Secure Glasses Head Strap, Silicone

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Finally! Participate in any of your favourite sports and recreations without the fear of losing your glasses of having them slip, drop or fall off your face. Enjoy your activities knowing that these straps will support your glasses while you get on with all the important things!

From working on the computer in the office, heading out the door for a run, to the gym, or to participate in some of your favourite sports and recreations - these bands have your back. Simply slide each of the ends of your glasses into the loops for each side and then stretch them over your head (or place one and then wrap it around your head and insert the end of your glasses into the remaining loop. You’ll be good to go!

These straps work with both kids and adults glasses as well as prescription and sunglasses glass frames. 


These straps are also great for:

Nurses, medical professionals, and surgeons. When it is crucial to not be lifting your hands to your face or breaking the hygiene and sterile barrier, these glasses straps can really make a huge difference!!

Kids, in school, on the playground, playing sports…

— Keen fisherman who love to get out on the water, whether that is on a rivers edge, in the water, the lake, or out on the boat for the night, it’s great tool to help! 


— Those who work in the office or at their desk and often find they have to keep pushing glasses back into the right position, too many times over to count! 

— Those who work on factory floors 

— Those with disability who are unable to move their glasses easily when they start to fall of their face. 

— How would you use or benefit from these? 

Note: These can also be ordered in a variety of other colours, please enquire for our full product colours. 


Material: Silicone 

Size: Approx 22cm long. Glasses insert size is: 9mm (L) x 2mm (W) Note: It highly adjustable to stretch. Will fit glasses with an end point between 7-14mm.

Weight: 5 grams 

Package includes: 1x Glasses Head Strap 

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