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Silicone Kneading Bag

Silicone Kneading Bag

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Do you love to get into the kitchen and bake bread, make cookies, crush cookies for the base of slices, or make play-dough for the kids (or adults!) Do you love to get your hands in and amongst it, or wish there was a cleaner way to kneed your doughs…? Is hygiene a factor? Or allowing everyone to kneed what you are making while knowing the product itself stays in tact? Now finally, is an inclusive answer, that allows everyone to participate in baking the item no matter what age you are, or where your ability level may lay. Everyone can participate in mixing the dough through the bag keeping hands and surfaces clean, allowing the dough bag to be passed around for everyone to have a turn, and not losing any mixture in the process! 

These bags are a fantastic and inclusive opportunity for everyone to get involved in the baking process, whether it’s with the kids, adults or the elderly! The coolest thing is that no matter what someone’s ability level or skill that because its inside the bag, everyone can have a turn mixing it. No needing to be able to hold a spoon, or level a bowl. Mix or knead it how it works best for you. The dough bag can be moved across the counter and transferred to different surfaces with ease. The bag also keeps surfaces, counters and hands clean in the process, with all of the mess off of hands, and inside the bag… Until you are ready to tip it into the pan to cook your efforts for a tummy treat to enjoy with your friends and family!

We hope being able to find easier and cleaner ways to bake in the kitchen will encourage you to explore and experience more opportunities in building memories cooking and baking together…. Because there truly is something precious and wondrous about baking and making food together - especially when it’s inclusive! 



Material: Silicone 

Size: 39cm (L) x 27cm (W)  

Weight: 142 grams 

Package includes: 1x Kneading Bag, 1x Bag Belt 

Silicone Kneading Bag High Temperature Resistance Preservation Flour-mixing Bag Soft Knead Dough Blender Set Kitchen Gadget



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