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Tall Silicone Straws

Tall Silicone Straws

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Silicone straws in bright fun and flirty colours, these straws are bound to have your drink stand and shine!

Eco friendly reusable and easy to use silicone straws are perfect for your cocktail, smoothie, and drinks. Works great for all drinks and seasons of the year! For the extra cold drink, or the hot one - silicone will keep you safe and your lips in tip too shape! They are also a fantastic option for those who need a straw that can bend and move with them and that also poses less risks health wise than a metal one may do in some cases, such as with tremors, dystonia, seizures and other more specific situations. And let’s be honest - who doesn’t love the chance to add some fun in life? 

The bonus is that they can fold up, and bend into any shape you pop them in, and can fit neatly into a wee bag for while you’re out and about — no using paper straws here thanks! We have a superior silicone one! 

They are safe for the dishwasher and easily cleaned. They are also microwave and are even freezer safe. 

Available in various colours.  
Also available as a straight or bent straw.

Note: Straws can easily be cut down to your specific preferred length. Can be cut half way down for the option to have more silicone short straws as well.


Material: Silicone  

Size: see below for options… 

standard silicone straw: 24cm Length x 0.75cm outside Diameter x 0.55cm Inner Diameter. 

smoothie silicone straw: 24cm length x 1.1cm outside diameter wis the x 0.9cm inner diameter 

Weight: 6 grams 

Package includes:  1x silicone straw or your choice 


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