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Silicone Suction Shower Holder

Silicone Suction Shower Holder

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This silicone shower head holder allows you to adjust and attach the shower head at the height and angle that suits you best. This is ideal for kids, and those who shower using a shower chair, or have mobility impairments making the shower head being higher more difficult to use. It’s also a great solution for travel, or when a shower head bracket is no longer working very well, and it’s not easily able to be fixed so an alternative solution is needed (ie: staying in temporary accomodation, or staying in the hospital).

The shower head attaches with a function cup to the wall without any damage to the wall occurring. Made of high quality silicone, it suctions into place and holds up well. Suitable got a wall, glass and ceramic. 


Note: Depending on the width of your shower hose, it can be a very tight squeeze to slide the hose into the holder. Once it’s attached, it holds well and securely. 


Materials: Silicone

Size: 4cm x 14cm 

Weight: 20 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Silicone Shower Head Holder 

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