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Single Hook

Single Hook

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These hooks have a fantastic and wide range of uses, and are a fantastic addition to your mobility device, or a pole that you would like to be able to easily hang and store items on. These hooks are made with a high density nylon and are designed to be hardy, not easily damaged and with a decent weight-bearing capacity. 

We recommend these as a great option for: 

 1. Mobility devices — Manual or Power Wheelchair, or an electric or manual mobility scooter to carry your groceries, hand bag, or jacket. 

2. Transport — put one on the frame of your bike or your manual or electric scooter to help safely hold your jacket, carry your shopping, your hand bag, etc 

2. As a hook for medical needs — whether that is fashioning it to the wheelchair itself, or onto an IV pole (purchased or home made), it makes a great hook for hanging your tube feeds, or other bags (such as for a catheter bag being hung under a wheelchair). 

3. Golf cart, umbrella handle, etc — anything that you want to get out and about in, but having a hook to hang things such as jackets or keys would be helpful.

4. In the workshop to hang items from — customers jackets, workshop jackets or uniforms, as a quick grab  and go key hook, for bags and backpacks, and so on! 

5. A wide range of other uses.

How would you use one of these hooks on a pole? 


Material: High Density Nylon

Size: 7cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

Bearing Load:  70kg 

Caliber: 2cm 

Weight: 23 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Hook + Screws 




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