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Socks Holder Rings, 5 pack.

Socks Holder Rings, 5 pack.

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How is it that when you put socks in the laundry that one of the socks from a pair always seems to vanish? Swallowed up or eaten by your washing machine? Or maybe they are sometimes taken to socks haven as a part payment for putting a pair of socks through the wash? Whatever it is that causes socks to magically lose their pair, we have the upper hand with these sock rings, designed to overcome this very real issue. 

Humour aside, this was a product requested for us to bring in to help make the washing up process easier to manage, and less frustrating with working out what socks go together, but also whose washing is whose. Each pack has a set of 5 sock rings, coming in 5 unique fun colours: blue, red, green, white, yellow. 

These sock rings can also be used to to help: 

Keep your socks together before they go into the washing machine so that pairs of socks stay together 

— A great way for those with visual impairments to keep matching socks together. When you have finished with a pair of socks, put the ring on them and toss them into the washing machine. When the washing is finished - your socks will still be paired up! 

— As a way of tracking whose washing is whose. You can allocate a colour sock ring to each family or household member to use, and attach to their socks or under garments to make it easier to know where items need to go back and to whose drawers that is. 

Use them as a bread tag bag tie. Slide the bread bag through the middle of the sock aid and back on it again to keep your bread sealed fresher for longer. 

Don’t lose or have to match up bags of socks again!


Material: PET 

Size: 4cm (diameter)  

Weight:  15 grams (5 pack) 

Package includes: 5x Sock Organisers 

How to use: To use simply thread the sock through the sock aid, toe first until they are snuggly in place. You can then throw them in the wash as usual, and can keep the sock aid in place as they dry, and then are ready to be put away also. The reusable sock aid can go through the dryer without any issues as well. 

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