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‘Stay In Place’ Duvet Cover Clips (Iron on)

‘Stay In Place’ Duvet Cover Clips (Iron on)

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These duvet clips are the perfect answer to keeping your inner duvet comfortably inside of your duvet cover. They will also help to connect your sheets or blankets together comfortably to keep them secure. Just iron them into place and snap them on to your duvet and duvet cover that will now on stay in place!  

Unlike other clips available online, these clips are not hard or bulky and they aren’t visible to anyone. These clips simply snap together - connecting your duvet inner with your duvet cover, or set blankets together. 

Every set of set clips contains 4x connection clips aa well as 4x base connections also. The clips will stick in place and will need to be ironed on to help activate and adhere the glue on the clips. These will remain securely in place to support your enn needs. 


Material: Polyester 

Size: 6cm (diameter) 

Weight: 10 grams 

Package Contains: 8x piece set of clips ( 4x duvet inner snaps + 4x duvet cover snaps)



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