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Sticker — Adult with Autism

Sticker — Adult with Autism

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Ensure safety and awareness with this "Adult with Autism" informational sticker. Designed to provide crucial information during emergencies, this sticker highlights important behavioral traits that responders should be aware of. Featuring a colourful handprint graphic and clear, bold text, it's perfect for use on your vehicle, your identification cards, emergency kits, or personal items to enhance communication and understanding in critical situations.

Image Description: An informational sticker featuring a colourful handprint graphic at the top. Below the handprint, the text reads, "Adult with AUTISM" with "AUTISM" highlighted in multiple colors. The sticker continues with the message, "In an Emergency Situation Please be Aware they may:" followed by bullet points that read: "NOT RESPOND," "RESIST & RUN AWAY," "BE NON-VERBAL," and "BE UNAWARE OF DANGER." The text is clear and bold, designed to provide important information quickly and effectively.



Material: Adhesive Sticker 

Size: 12.7cm (H) x 7.7cm (W) 

Weight: less than 10 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Sticker 

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