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Sticker — Emergency Medical Information

Sticker — Emergency Medical Information

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This versatile ‘Emergency Medical Information Sticker’ is for adults and children. It provides crucial medical details like allergies, conditions, medications, and emergency contacts. Display it prominently on car seats, wheelchairs, or backpacks for quick access during emergencies. With this sticker, you can have peace of mind knowing that important medical information is readily available for timely care.

Image Description: Emergency Medical Information card has a red strip across the top and the bottom, the sticker itself includes various fields to add your personal information in an emergency such as your or a child’s name, address, email, date of birth, phone number, emergency contact name and number, Drs name and number, blood type, medical conditions, allergies, medication, contact lens, and organ donor. 


Material: High Quality Polymeric Vinyl with added UV resistant lamination film.  

Size: 5cm (H) x 10cm (L), per sticker 

Weight: Less than 2 gram 

Package Contains 2x Stickers per sheet 

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