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Sticker — “It’s fine, I’m fine. Everything is fine’.

Sticker — “It’s fine, I’m fine. Everything is fine’.

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Decorate your car, fridge, office or window, desk, or hard cover bag with our transparent “It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine” sticker! 

Show your awareness and understanding and humour with one of these stickers! Great for the workplace, home, community, or travel items. Help someone else to feel less alone and identify in the struggle, bring a smile, promote understanding or spark a conversation.    

Those who know it will know, and be so stoked to see it; those who don’t may be educated through it. 

... because not all struggles are visible. 


Image Description: A frazzled cat sits inside a set of flames with big bold eyes. In writing above and below the cat says “It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine”. 



Material: PVC Adhesive Sticker 

Weight: 8cm x 7.6cm 

Package Contains: 1x “It’s fine” Sticker 

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