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Sticker — Medic Alert

Sticker — Medic Alert

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Introducing the Medical Alert Sticker – your lifeline in emergencies. This durable sticker attaches to your phone, wallet, or bag, providing instant access to crucial medical information.

With writable fields for conditions, allergies, medications, and critical emergency contacts, it ensures first responders have vital details at their fingertips. In critical situations, every second counts – make sure you're prepared with the Medical Alert Sticker, a great start to getting accurate medical care.

Image Description: Sticker with an orange border with the words “medical alert” at the top in the border, the rest of the sticker is the headings with information that you can add that is applicable to you. These include the following: medical conditions, allergies, medications, blood type, contact lens, pregnancy status, name, drs name, and insurance. 


Material: Vinyl 

Size: 5cm x 10cm 

Weight: Less than 2 gram 

Package Contains: 1x Sticker

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